About this site

Consider this a portfolio of sorts. The site has been evolving and added to for the greater part of 23 years or so. It's got free dynamic content, games, screen savers, links to other projects I've worked on, independent and Star Wars fan films, tutorials, all kinds of stuff...

I hope you are at least a little entertained by what you find.

If you're wondering about the domain name. I used to own the actual "durbnpoisn.com" domain, but I let it expire. I didn't feel like paying a ransom to get it back. In no way was it worth any money to me. So I started over fresh. The domain I ended up with was provided by my host. That would be 000Webhosts. They provide PHP hosting services, with a mySQL database, and gave me the name, for free. As long as I don't kill their bandwidth, and do nice things like link up to them, they are happy to provide the service. To that effect, if you are looking for a host, I highly recommend them.

The version of this that you're reading now is all done as an experiment in sharpening up my PHP skills.
At this stage of the project, I've got a new template running, and most of my modules built. I have to make them look good now. The functional part needed to come first.

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