Screen Saver Pack Version 2.0:
Like the first version of the Screen Saver Pack, all of these screen savers are compiled into one program. All you have to do is download and run the installer. It will automatically set everything
up for you. Please read the Requirements section for more specifics.

The Screen Saver Pack Version 2.0

I've gone through the trouble of installing previews for all 4 new savers, so you can see what you're downloading.

This is a time-aware saver. This means that the appearance of the landscape will change from day to night based on the time in your system clock. I also included a version of the Moon Phase Clock for the nightime view. This way, the moon will show the actaul phase.

Snow Storm
This is another landscape saver. There are some cute little animations of things that you would typically see in a snowstorm.
This one is a little demo of what rain looks like falling lightly on a black puddle. It's a rather nice soothing effect.
The original concept for this saver was first seen in one of the first After Dark saver packs. I just wanted to see if I could do it with Director. Apparantly I could... It presented in interesting challenge, but the end result is a pretty cool little screen saver.

Each link will popup a new window. The Puzzle saver uses the image of your desktop as its backdrop, not the image you see in this demo.

Win 95/98, 64 Ram, 800x600 resolution, 16-bit video, Visual Basic 6.0 runtimes

The screen savers will ONLY work on Win 95/98. They will sometimes work on Win NT. They have not been tested on Win 2000 or ME. Macintosh is totally out of the question. Sorry.

The Visual Basic 6.0 runtime libraries must be installed. If you have MS-Office installed, you more than likely have these components already.
If you get an error when running the program the first time, download and install this file. It will install the VB runtimes for you.

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